Research Team

China Education Panel Survey was designed by National Survey Research Center at Renmin University of China, cooperating with 19 local universities and institutions of China Social Survey Network (CSSN) system. NSRC and CSSN Co-PIs will continue their cooperation on CEPS in the coming years, initiating a new pattern of academic cooperation in social surveys in China.

Principal Investigator

   WANG Weidong,   Renmin University of China

Co-Principal Investigator

   Lingxin Hao,   Johns Hopkins University

   Emily C. Hannum,   University of Pennsylvania

Core Team Members

   Tony Tam,  Chinese University of Hong Kong

   JIN Yu,   Sun Yat-sen University

   Puiwa Lei,   The Pennsylvania State University

   SONG Yueping,   Renmin University of China

   TANG Lina,   Renmin University of China

   XIE Guihua,   Renmin University of China

   ZHANG Xian,  Renmin University of China

Members of China Social Survey Network (CSSN) participating in CEPS

  BI Weining,   Guangxi University

   CAI Xin,  Capital Normal University

   FENG Shiping,   Lanzhou University

   GAN Mantang,   Fuzhou University

   HAN Heng,  Zhengzhou University

   JIA Nan,   Southwest University of Finance and Economics

  LIANG Yucheng,   Sun Yat-sen University

   LIN Juren,   Shandong University

   LIN Mingang,   Nanjing University

  WANG Aili, TIAN Yu, MA Ruize,   Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Science

   WANG Laihua, LI Ying,  Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences

   WANG Xiaoping,   Shanxi Normal University

   XU Li,   Zhejiang University

   YANG Yang, LI Long,   Sanya University

   YIN Zhonghai, TANG Bin,   Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

  YUE Yin,   Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

   ZHAO Xiaolan, YANG Hui,   Hebei Normal University    

  ZHOU Shuhuai,   Guiyang University

  ZHU Lingfei,   Yunnan University