CEPS Wave 2 Follow-up Fieldwork Starting

After two months’ preparation and the successful accomplishment of pilot survey, China Education Panel Survey (CEPS) starts its fieldwork in 7th graders follow-up in academic year 2014-2015, aiming at collecting multilevel information from students, parents, teachers and principals to document changes and progress occured since last surveyed.

CEPS documents and explains the educationalprocesses by which students progress through secondary educational stages, selecting school-based, nationally representative sample of 19,487 students in 438 classrooms, 112 schools, 28 districts/counties across 20 provinces in China. CEPS administers 5 different questionnaires to students, their parents,teachers, and principals, providing evidence-based data for academic research and policy decision.

The baseline survey of CEPS has been accomplished successfully in the academic year 2013-2014. Preliminary data cleaning and analysis are in progress and the annual report on baseline data will be released soon. In academic year 2014-2015, CEPS will also administer a CATI or web survey to follow up the 9th graders in baseline sample who have finished compulsory education and left original schools this year.

Preparation for Follow-up in Progress

Training and Discussion before Fieldwork Begins